About Miss Fluff

Greetings!  I am Miss Fluff, I'm an artist.
My real name is Claudette Barjoud but people started calling me Miss Fluff
so I just stuck with it since I am the lady who makes the Fluff!
I am inspired by lots of things. I especially love art, graphics and style from the 1920's through the 1960's. Including Art Deco, Mid Century Modernism, Classic Pinup, Rockabilly, Mod, and more!

I also really love old cartoon such as Betty Boop, vintage dolls and of course Barbie!  And I grew up on Hello Kitty.  All these things I love inspired me to draw since I was little. I always dreamed of creating things that would make people squeal with delight! That has been my mission from the start.
I hope you will enjoy the little world I have dreamed up.